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Quality Parts

Only the best and genuine products.

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We are able to deliver parts on a daily basis in the following areas:

Feel free to arrange delivery to these areas with your Part sales executive.

Why Choose Toyota Genuine Parts?

What is the difference between Toyota Genuine Parts and Non- genuine parts?

When buying replacement parts for your Toyota, there is no better option than Toyota Genuine Parts for the following reasons:

  • Genuine parts are not always more expensive than NON GENUINE parts, compare our prices.
  • The lack of precision in the production process of non-genuine parts results in poor compatibility with Toyota vehicles.
  • Non-genuine parts are often made from low grade materials and therefore lacking inherent Toyota Genuine Parts quality.
  • The use of non-genuine parts could have costly consequences due to failure of major components.
  • The 12 month warranty only applies to South Africa, and does not extend over borders.
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