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Malalane Toyota participates in Arbour Week

Malalane Toyota’s Service Department assisted three schools, Joseph Matsebula School, Luvolwetetfu Primary School and Suikerland Secondary School, in planting trees for Arbour Week.  Ricko Calitz, the Service Department’s Foreman got his hands dirty in doing his bit for the environment and the community. Dryke Breytenbach from Malalane Toyota assisted Ricko and the school in planting trees. 

The grade 10’s and their teachers of Joseph Matsebula School assisted in planting the trees.

At Luvolwetetfu Primary School  assisted by their teachers and the principal, Mr Khoza Joseph Matsebula. This school doesn’t have a lot of water, so local mothers sell items at the school and then empty their buckets of water on the trees when the day is done.  

The students of the Grade 11 C class along with their Agricultural Teachers from Suikerland Secondary School participated to plant their trees on the day. 

Trees that were planted are the Buffalo Thorn, which is the tree of the year, the Natal Mahogany, the Cape Ash and the Bushwillow. All of these trees are indigenous to Southern Africa.


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