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Toyota cup overflows at production vehicle finale

Horn brothers set to clinch Class T title at Atlas Copco Gold 400.

After an intriguing season full of twist and turns the final championships to be settled in the Prod

A good day at the Sun City 400 for Toyota

Horn brothers take a tight grip on Class T championship

Sun City, Saturday – The Production Vehicle category at the Sun City 400 today, round five of the

Maintaining a positive outlook can even influence the outcome of cross country motor races – just

Here is an awesome video of the Horn brothers strutting their stuff!

Nkomazi 450 Action Highlights

Watch the action packed highlights from the Nkomazi 450.


Here is an exciting video of the action that went down at the Lichtenburg 450!

The Nkomazi 450 challenge is here on 26 and 27 August! Be sure to come to Riverside Prep School from

Nkomazi 450

Round 5 of the Donaldson Cross-Country Championship

nkomazi 450

The Nkomazi 450 is an exciting annual Cross-Country Race in the Lowveld and is part of the Donaldso

Vredefort SuperSpriny

Crews will be venturing into the unknown on the Vredefort Super Sprint, the second round of the Don

RFS Endurance Challenge

On April 1 and 2 the Horn brothers, Johan and Werner, will embark to Vryburg to participate in the RFS Endurance Race.

On 1 and 2 April the RFS Endurance Challenge is driven on a completely new road! A typical Kalahari

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